• Chemical Sampling and Testing (Requires Lab)
    • Benzene Testing (Real Time)
    • BTEX (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylenes) (Real Time)
    • Formaldehyde Testing (Real Time)
    • Methane Testing (Real Time)
    • Mold Sampling and Testing (Requires Lab)
    • Naphthalene (Requires Lab)
    • PCB Sampling and Testing (Requires Lab)
    • Styrene (Requires Lab)
    • Our Service Area: All of California

Concerning mold and mycotoxins–certain molds, such as Stachybotrys, and some kinds of Penicillium, are known to produce airborne toxins called mycotoxins.  One Stachybotrys chemotype can produce trichothecene mycotoxins (including satratoxins), and another can produce atranones. What those toxins cause in us can vary from person to person.  If a person is very susceptible to mold then any kind of mold in any quantity may affect that person.  All mold indoors is bad but not all mold is toxic–matter of fact, most molds are not toxic. But, our laboratory analysis of submitted samples (from both indoors and outdoors) will identify the type and quantity of mold spores present in the samples, and reveal whether indoor spore counts are elevated.


Gas Detector with Formaldehyde Sensor

Our Formaldehyde Inspection

Our highly qualified professionals will bring the latest in testing equipment, and test your living area for formaldehyde. We perform real time testing. No long waits for the lab to get back. Our state of the art technology detects formaldehyde immediately. You get real-time feedback, and then later, Evaluair provides a written report for your records.

After the inspection, the Evaluair inspector will provide a professional report for your records.

Need more information? Give us a call today at 1 (800) 686-1992, any time, or schedule via our contact page.

Our Formaldehyde Inspection Brochure

(Click the image below to open or download the Evaluair Formaldehyde Inspection Brochure PDF.)

Click the image to open or download the Evaluair Formaldehyde Inspection Brochure PDF.
Click the image to open or download the Evaluair Formaldehyde Inspection Brochure PDF.


Maintenance Contracts

Live in a chronically humid area? Contact us about a maintenance contract.

Evaluair also performs Toxic Litigation Consulting

Evaluair also performs as a Legal Support Team for Attorneys working toxic litigation cases. We are in the field and wherever else we need to be to help you prove the case is good or to help you learn that the case is not good. We track causation for you, find the defendant(s), and track the plaintiffs that have been affected by the contamination. We perform necessary functions to have the affected parties group together, through community meetings, if necessary.

Since 2002, our Team checked out more than 1000 toxic type cases throughout the United States that included PCBs, Chromium VI, Mercury, Radiation Exposure, and many others. So, even if you are outside California and believe you have a legal case, please give us a call for a testing consultation.

Toxic Leads

We can check cases/leads you get from scratch or we can jump into the cases you are already working. Our Team becomes your Team in the field; no need to add personnel to your payroll.

Contact, Research, Profile

When you get a lead on a toxic case, let us check it out for you. We contact the client, get all the facts and conduct preliminary investigations to determine causation and connect it to a defendant. A profile is formed on a client. We have countless questionnaire forms dealing with hundreds of cases we have examined or worked on in the past.

Medical Footwork

We take the medical complaints of the client and connect them with the carcinogen or whatever it is that is affecting the people in the area.

Test Monitoring

We monitor all preliminary testing of causation. Also available is measurement, analysis, and monitoring of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in soil or groundwater.

Community Monitoring

We monitor community meetings to locate other possible clients.


We check for any related ongoing litigation or past cases in the general area.

Medical Experts

We can provide you with a list of medical experts for preliminary opinions.

Cooperating Attorneys

Upon request, we can provide introduction(s) with attorneys who may be interested in joining forces with you on a case.


Upon request, we can advise you on financing those difficult toxic cases, the big and costly ones that have so much potential!

Toxic Litigation Business Card
Toxic Litigation Business Card