Do you love fresh air even though sometimes it eludes you? We do too! We think that everyone should have an environment that is well ventilated, with fresh air circulating throughout, and not a trace of toxicity anywhere. And so, we’re dedicated to helping you keep your indoor environment toxin free. And, we use the latest testing and sampling techniques to get the answers you need.

We do not perform remediation or abatement–strictly testing. So, you can be assured that there is no conflict of interest. Based out of southern California, we’re a corporation business with family values.

We work with private home owners, landlords, tenants, attorneys, businesses, and management companies and have grown from a mold-testing company to additional toxic testing, such as formaldehyde and benzene.

Our Origins
Our parent company, Bye Bye Mold™, evolved from Toxic Litigation Consulting. For many years, Toxic Litigation Consulting has investigated toxic cases nationwide for a celebrated law firm. In late 2001, calls started coming in requesting mold assessments and testing. At the time, we simply told the callers that we did not work on this type of case. However, call volume escalated until it was obvious that mold testing would have to become part of our repertoire.

What followed was extensive training in the mold field. Soon after, Bye Bye Mold™–a company of mold inspection professionals–was incorporated as a separate company from the Toxic Consulting firm to offer mold prevention advice from dedicated experts in mold detection. In 2002 we handled hundreds of mold assessments of apartments, condominiums, homes and businesses, and we have been busy ever since. This tremendous field experience is what establishes, enhances, and augments our expertise. Each job we handle is referred to as an investigation, and we pride ourselves in revealing, to you, just the facts.